3~29 Cardboard Boxes

It was time. Time for something I wasn’t ready for.


My baby became an adult!…in the eyes of the law that is. He’ll always be my little boy.


And Harmz, Eric and Skye came to help us celebrate it! Buffy was there too. We tried out a new dance move called “Betchy stance”.


Hard to believe Roland became a young adult. The years have flown. He looks so much like his Dad. He really does.


Then it was time for his graduation, before I knew it. Heck, I remember graduating…I’m not that old..yet…

He graduated Class Valedictorian. Ransom and I were very proud of him for that.


Ransom and I gave him the keys to a new car. Harmz, Eric and Skye also stuck around to help celebrate the graduation. And something else…


Okay. My kids. They need to stop having Birthdays and stuff. It’s making their Mom sad. But they won’t stop it.


Raven is a beauty. I’m not being biased – okay maybe a little.  I had to get a hug from Harmz to stop myself from crying. My last baby became a teenager.

Later that day, Harmz and Eric talked to myself and Ransom about something…and somehow. They convinced us……………………………………………………………………….


We moved!


To Dragon Valley. It is a stunning place, filled with folklore and legends. Plus, the countryside and scenery alone was enough to sell me on it. I love places like Ireland and Scotland, Dragon Valley reminds me of them.

We were sad to leave Appy Plains. We had our kids there. Ransom and I got married there. There is a lot of history in that town. But. It was time.


They also have a top-notch fire department, which is what drew Roland in. Yes. Roland became a Firefighter. I wasn’t too happy about it. But he said he wanted to help people, just like his Dad. Though it did remind Ransom of something we need to do with the kids.


“I think it’s time we told Roland and Raven about the fact that we have a bunch of ghosts in our family.” Ransom told me one night. Good thing I’m used to that stuff. I might have spit my wine on him.

But he did have a point. They were old enough for the truth. And maybe knowing Grandma Lotta’s story would make being a firefighter mean even more to Roland.

We just had to find the time to do it.


After we moved to Dragon Valley, Raven became…well obsessed with alchemy. She did her homework for her new school, don’t get me wrong. But that’s where her free time went.


That and gardening, which I taught her all about. But even that was about alchemy. But I guess I couldn’t complain. She could be out doing worse.


But, we eventually found the time to sit them both down.

“There’s no correct way to really say this. So we’re going to present the facts. I used to be a ghost, until your Mom found a witch to bring me back to life.” Ransom started.

Roland looked at him like he had smoked crack. Raven raised her eyebrows in interest.

“Your Grandma Beverly and your Great-Grandma Lotta also used to be ghosts too and were brought back to life.” Ransom continued.


“Dad….have you been feeling well? Maybe you got too close to some fumes on that car you’ve been trying to rebuild..” Roland said.

Ransom sighed “I’m fine.”


“It’s true. I know it sounds nuts, but it’s true. Now, it’s not like we all planned this. Your Grandpa Gavin wasn’t like “Oh hey, I’ll fall in love with a ghost too and my daughter can only be with a ghost. ” No, that’s not how it was. It’s just…happened that way.” I explained.

“It is possible.” Raven stated, clearly thinking. “Roland, we do have a Eric in the family. He used to be a fairy. We know certain towns are full of werewolves, witches and vampires. So why not ghosts coming back to life?” Raven questioned.


“Look, I know it’s hard to believe. But we have proof.” Ransom told them.

I dragged out our stack of old newspaper clippings. Proof of what happened to Lotta Greaves, Beverly Parrott and Ransom Clavell.


The kids went off to Roland’s room to read them over and to talk to each other. While Ransom and I sat by the fire.

“That went better than I thought it would.” I admitted to Ransom. There was no yelling. Nothing got broken. No one was admitted to the mental hospital. Yep, it went good.


The next day was Love Day – Valentine’s Day. Ransom and I found a love detector at the festival grounds. We decided to try it out. We got “Passionate – Every second with the two of you is like a poem – every kiss a song.” Sweet.


Then we danced outside. I took the lead – Ransom don’t always get to be the dude. It was a lovely spring day for the festival.


Then he gave me a romantic massage to end the day.


Well, that didn’t end the day…if you know what I mean. Thankfully, hot tubs do not freak out Ransom. Since he can touch the bottom at all times, and doesn’t worry about going under.


The next day I could have used another massage. Raven asked me to teach her how to drive. I agreed, of course.


That was a stressful but fulfilling day with my daughter. But a precious memory. For both of us.

The next day it was on to something that Roland wanted…


And while there, I met an interesting lady. A fortune-teller and witch. She had what Roland wanted. But I kept her in the back of my mind. There was something I needed to find out. And I wasn’t sure if a Hospital would be able to tell me.


The thing that Roland wanted? A puppy! He wanted a firehouse dog. But not a Dalmatian. He said he didn’t want to be stereotype.


I’ll admit, little Annabelle is a cutie. And it’ll be nice to have an inside pet again.

Then we got a huge surprise!


Buffy showed up in our front yard one day. Roland was thrilled to see her, but didn’t seemed shocked like the rest of us. My guess is, they had this planned. Since he didn’t seem too upset when we left Appy Plains. She also is going to be a firefighter, so they’ll see each other a lot. I think my son might have found the one for him. But, it’s still early. Afterall. I thought Sebastian was it for me at one point in time.

3~28 Goodbye To You


Roland started his last year of High School. It was hard to believe it. He also started thinking of possible careers. Including one I wasn’t crazy about. Being a Firefighter. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an honorable and heroic career. But it’s a dangerous one.


Raven started a little bake stand, which was cute. Her prices, not so much.

“10 bucks for a cookie???” Roland asked her, looking at the price list. “Do you think you’re Starbucks or something?”

“If you can’t afford it Sir, please move along.” Raven stated, in a business like tone.


Skye was just busy being a toddler. And playing with her doll, Rocky. You know, I don’t even know where the heck these dolls come from. I even had one…and then they just vanish. I have no idea what happened to Patrick. None. It’s freaking weird.

We decided to throw a costume party for Halloween.


Some of us dressed with purpose, like myself. I dressed with Dad in mind. Others….not so much.


Raven and Skye decided to ignore everyone and play peek-a-boo. It was adorable.

But the main reason I wanted to throw the party…


So I could invite Buffy’s parents! Other than it being creepy that my husband and Buffy’s Dad both dressed as Hot Dogs…Quinn and Lenore ended up being really cool people.


After the party, Ransom spent some time with our son. Playing soccer. In our garden. Why in our garden? Guy logic.


The next night, it was time to carve pumpkins. Even Killian wanted to carve a pumpkin with us.


After that, Roland rushed inside and showered. It was Prom night. He was meeting Buffy there…I think he sensed that I wanted to talk to her. Grill her. Whatever you want to call it. I was thinking maybe I needed a hobby.


After Roland left, I went downstairs to watch the girls play. That made my night.


Harmz’s Birthday came. Things were really changing.


“Bess. Eric, Skye and I are moving out.” Harmz blurted out. Just as I had taken a bite of cake. I choked on it and had to take a few minutes to catch my breath. And my thoughts.

“Moving?” I asked in a whisper.

“Eric needs to travel for this job now. He’s doing that Doctor without borders type thing. Except with therapy.” She explained.

“It’s not anything any of you did.” Eric added on.

I had begun to wonder that deep down. At least it wasn’t us.

“We won’t be leaving until after Christmas. And after Jacoby’s trial. We have to testify first. Then we can leave. We’d also like to take Dakota with us. But we have to leave Killian here…obviously it’d be hard to travel with a horse.” Harmz told me.


I got up and cuddled Skye. I wasn’t sure how to handle this news. I was so used to having a house full of people and a cat around. It had always been that way, in my life anyway. Bae leaving had been hard too. But it was just one person that time. It was going to be a huge adjustment.


I wasn’t sure how to tell the kids. But I decided not to that night, since they were going to go out trick or treating. I didn’t want to bum them out.



Fall faded into Winter. After the first snow, I taught the kids how to build an igloo. And I also broke the news about Harmz, Eric, Skye and Dakota moving. Yes, I had agreed to Dakota going. Technically Harmz had been the one to name him and first bonded with him. I was going to miss him. I was going to miss them all. I think we all were.


………I wasn’t sure what to say to this. She was supposed to make a snow angel….


We did our tradition of going to look at Christmas lights. For the last time together….I blamed my sniffling on the cold weather.


Dakota became an elderly kitty. I was glad we got to celebrate his Birthday with him before they all left at least.


I hadn’t said it, but Ransom always seems to know when I’m upset. He pulled me into Roland’s room and gave me a very nice distraction. And comfort.


A few nights later, Harmz asked me to build a snowman with her. Just us. I said okay and we went outside.

“Bess…I know you’re sad about us leaving. And I’m sorry about that. We aren’t doing it to hurt you.” Harmz said, as she focused on shaping the snowman.

“I know that. I really do. It just…I’m really used to having a full house. It’s always been that way. It’s just going to be a huge change. But I get why you guys are leaving.” I told her.


“So…are we cool?” She asked me.

I nodded “We’re cool.”

“We’ll visit. I promise.” Harmz vowed.


We celebrated Christmas together, inviting the usual peeps.

A few days after Christmas, Jacoby’s trail took place. Harmz and Eric both had to testify. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison, with a chance of parole after 15. We all vowed to do anything we have to do to make sure that doesn’t happen.


We got to celebrate one last thing together. Skye’s Birthday. I made her a cake with love. And maybe a few tears. Though I had accepted what was going to happen.


I was shocked when Harmz insisted I held Skye when she blew out her candles, but happy and honored.


We kept it just the family for this one.


I think Skye is actually a decent blend of both Eric and Harmz. Plus some of her Native American genetics in there too.


Skye ate her cake, then found another way to celebrate her Birthday.


Raven wanted to play with Skye as well. I think it was kind of nice for Raven to have someone kind of close in age to her around for a bit.


The day of the move came. I said my goodbyes to Eric and to Skye.


And then to Harmz. Honestly I kind of felt like I was saying farewell to another sibling. I love my brother, but he has sucked about visiting. I hoped Harmz would be better about it.

3 ~ 27 That Summer Feeling


I wish Bae had taught Ransom the Gonzalo dance moves, because…do I need to explain it? Yeah. Skye was laying on the ground too. Harmz said she needed to be one with the Earth…


This was pretty cute though.


“You call that a kiss??” Harmz asked, after yanking Eric out from behind the booth. Where do they get their special Wheaties that gives them so much strength? I want some.


I had to get this picture on my phone’s camera. It was too perfect to pass up.

After the Fall festival, I headed to the park with Ransom and Raven. Harmz, Eric and Skye went home.


By the time the food was all grilled, it was getting dark.


After we ate, Ransom played with the kids in the sand box. I watched from the park bench, thinking how blessed I am. Things haven’t always been easy, but it had been worth it.


We would have stayed later, but someone told us it was time to go home.

A few days later, a special day arrived. One that I wasn’t ready for.


I tried to cope the best way I knew how. Snuggling a baby.

“Mom…you okay?” Roland asked me.

“Uh-huh.” I said, snuggling Skye. I don’t think he believed me.


My little girl had her Birthday. She was going to head off to school. Make friends. Not want to hang out with her Mom anymore probably…I was bummed. But happy too. To get to see her grow.


We had a small party. We just invited family.


I think both kids look a lot like their Dad. Though the Gonzalo nose seems to survive every generation.

We ate pie and cake, while Raven was already talking about going to school. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with myself while she was at school. I no longer worked. Didn’t need to. I had accomplished my dream job, plus we were well off, due to hard work by each family member that had come before us, and all of us as well.


I saw Raven off for her first day of school. Roland said he’d look out for her, which I appreciated it. Made me feel a bit better.


After they left, I went to spoil Skye. Still dressed in my jammies. I didn’t have anywhere to be, so why get dressed until I felt like it?


Ransom went out and bought an old, tore down, car. He said he was going to fix it up. He’s never really been the tinker type, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. But it gave him something to do. He had been a little stir crazy since quitting the force.


Harmz and Eric soon experienced what Ransom and I had. Their baby was going to have a birthday. I noticed they spent extra time with her before the big day. I totally got it. So I tried not to interfere with their time with her.


Eric asked to have a homemade cake for Skye’s Birthday. I was happy to make one for her.


Skye’s Birthday arrived and I wasn’t sure what Harmz was doing…but she eventually picked her daughter up and blew out the candles on the cake for her.


“Mom…why did Harmony put Skye on the floor? There’s no ground in here…” Raven asked, totally confused.

“Well…I think she wanted to…..” I paused. I was stumped…”I’ve got nothin’.” I didn’t get it myself.


I was kind of hoping that Skye would end up having Harmz’s hair color, but nope. She actually ended up with the shade of hair color that her Great Grandma Cheyenne had. Underneath the highlights that is. But she did end up with grey eyes, like Aunt Gabby, Grandma Lotta and moi. Genetics are interesting sometimes.


We sat down and ate cake. I had a feeling I was going to get tired of cake soon.


Roland had become good friends with Bear. I was glad. Most of the time I forget they aren’t cousins by blood, because it seems like it. Though I kind of worried about Bear at times. His Mom was getting up there in years. She was his last parent left. If she passed before he turned eighteen…I just hoped it didn’t come to that.


I was so glad that Eric and Harmz got married. And had Skye. I loved having the house full. It was what I was used to. It’s what I had grown up with. Sure at times, it was annoying. But you never had to stare at an empty house and feel alone.


Eric got Skye potty trained. No more diapers!


Raven told all of us that she’s our Queen. Not Princess. Queen. My daughter aims high.


Skye was a fussy little thing. Which kind of made me feel better about Raven’s behavior as a toddler…is that a bad thing?


But Harmz seemed to handle it well. She figured out tricks to calm her down and so Harmz could take naps. Harmz loves her naps.


Not to say she spent all her time with Skye napping. Harmz taught her how to talk.


Yep. I felt better about Raven’s tantrums. Sorry Harmz!


“Let’s get you all cleaned up so we can work on your learning to walk, okay?” Harmz asked Skye, softly.

I took it easy in the rocking chair, reading. While those two did that. I was just kind of hanging around. Not doing much. Outside of cleaning and cooking. I was kind of bored, to be honest.


Though I did get to film Harmz teaching Skye how to walk. That was pretty great.


Eric’s Birthday came. He’d finally get to lose his fairy wings, like he’d been wanting to do since he married Harmony. So he was excited.


I was excited to get to do a Birthday party in my pajamas instead of dressing up. Sad, but true.


We celebrated Eric’s Birthday by going to the Carnival in town. Actually we just used it as an excuse to go. Mama needed to go do something fun!


A cat we had never seen before harassed Ransom’s for his cotton candy. It was pretty hilarious.


Eric tried out a new haircut for his Birthday….just say no to the bad weave, dude. Just say NO.

Outside of Eric’s hair crisis, we had a pretty fun day as a family.


When we got home, Raven wanted Ransom to read her to sleep. Awwwww.


It was so darn sweet to watch. I love watching Ransom with our kids. Makes me love him even more.


Raven was up bright and early the next morning. I guess the bedtime story allowed her to get a good sleep. She woke me up, yelling at “bandits” and threatening to hang them. A little creepy on the hanging part…but it was still cute.


Somehow Skye slept through the whole thing. Lucky.


Then Raven tried out Aunt Gabby’s old easy bake oven. She made pretty good tasting blueberry muffins – my favorite muffin by the way – I was impressed.


After the muffins, she tried to beat Roland at Chess. She took the loss surprisingly well at least.

After Chess, Roland snuck off. Okay. He didn’t do that. He walked off normally. But my Mom senses were tingling.


Ah-ha! I pretended to rake up leaves, while my son presented his “friend” with flowers. I think he even asked her to a dance.


My baby had his first kiss!! I started crying and Ransom had to drag me away. Telling me he wanted me to look at his car. I couldn’t believe it. Roland had his first kiss. Before I knew it, he’d be getting married…having babies. Oh muffins, I’d be a Grandma.

I later found out, through pestering, that his special friend’s name is Buffy Summers. Uhh..was my son dating a vampire slayer??


We ended the day at the Pool, since it was oddly a warm day and night for late Fall. Plus Ransom told me I needed to calm down. Spending time with family usually does that for me.


Ransom stayed in a lounge chair, like usual. I can’t blame him though. If I had drowned in a past life, I wouldn’t want to swim either.

3 ~ 26 Changes

Harmz and Eric were going to go on their honeymoon to Monta Vista, but…


Harmz wasn’t feeling up to making the trip. I was pretty sure I knew why too and told her she should go to the Doctor.


Ransom taught Roland how to drive. I volunteered to help but Roland told me he wanted “guy time” with his Dad. Well I’m not a guy, so I guess that violates the laws of “guy time”. But I was still very proud of him for learning to drive.


Harmz went to the Doctor and confirmed what I thought. She was pregnant and she celebrated..by riding Killian. Guess that’s better than celebrating your pregnancy by going pole dancing.


I went inside to eat my freshly baked cheery pie and a certain guy wanted my help with his homework.

“You sure you don’t want to put this under guy time with your Dad?” I asked, teasing him. I wasn’t mad about the whole guy thing. But I had to tease my son.

“Mooooom.” Roland whined, sighing.


After helping one kid, I was on to the next. Dinner time. But after I fed Raven, she was having a fit. Sometimes, deep inside. I wondered why at times she was as sweet as can be and other times…but she was a toddler. And My Dad was a bit of a diva. And maybe Roland had spoiled me when he was a toddler. I didn’t want to think about the other reason it could possibly be.


Plus once Eric picked her up and tickled her, she was as happy as could be. Giggling like mad. He was happy about the baby. I knew he and Harmz would make great parents. And it was nice to see Eric happy, because he had been told he had to wait for his fae-ness to go away totally until his next Birthday. That had made him kind of disappointed.


I had Harmz and Eric sit down with the very pregnancy books Ransom and I had read after I got pregnant with Roland. These books had been passed down in our family from my grandparents. Just because something is old, doesn’t mean it can’t give you useful information.


I took Raven out for a stroll behind the house, I was missing her being a tiny baby. She was growing like a weed and Roland. Well he wasn’t my little baby anymore. He had learned to drive! Before I knew it, he would be graduating. Starting his adult life…finding someone to love. Then I freaked myself out with the idea of being a Grandparent and had to calm myself down.


I think Ransom was kind of missing us having a baby too. He spent a few nights pretending to sketch, when he was actually watching Raven play with Dallas.


Harmz kept up with her painting, planning to take a break from it after the baby came. Though she did it mostly at home, instead of at her studio.


We carved our annual pumpkins. I really did miss Dad making those faces while we did them, but the memory always made me smile and laugh.


Eric gave Harmz a back massage, after helping her up off the ground. I’ll tell you, it is not freaking easy getting up from anywhere while pregnant.


That was pretty darn sweet. And Eric must really eat his Wheaties…


Naturally, we had to get in our baby bump time! Hey, I had to put up with it. Harmony got to join the club.


Though, Eric and Harmony were the cutest while bonding with the baby.


Harmz handled it better than me though and even got in on the action herself.


“Oh c’mon, I could totally catch the baby when it comes out!” Roland exclaimed one evening before bed.

“NO.” Harmz stated and started waddling off.

I’m not sure what his thing is with trying to catch babies. He wanted to do the same thing when I went into labor with Raven. It’s kind of cute in a way actually…..not that I’d let him actually try. That would be dangerous.


Harmz started practicing her Mommy skills on Raven, which didn’t bother me one bit. I kind of did the same thing with Bear before I had Roland.


We decided to throw an early Thanksgiving party, because we weren’t sure when Harmz would pop. Boy did she like those turkey legs.


Surprise! She went into labor right in the middle of the party. It’s actually not the first time something like this has happened in this family. So it really shouldn’t have been a surprise. The babies in our family like to make grand entrances.

We sent everyone home and Eric helped Harmony downstairs. Harmz had decided to deliver at home, which was a first in our family. Of course, we could call the Hospital if we needed and they had hired a nice and qualified midwife to help.


Harmony gave birth to little Skye Gabrielle Callahan that night. And somehow was standing up after it. Without drugs. She’s nuts.


Ransom helped Harmz get settled back into bed and comfortable. Well as comfortable as she was going to be, while Eric and I took Skye to her nursery. Eric was one proud Daddy.


Winter blasted into our lives, leaving snow all over the ground.


Ransom invited me into the little loft area of our barn. He had something important to talk to me about.

“I want to leave the police force.” Ransom told me and then seemed to hold his breath. Staring at me.

I stared back at him, letting it sink in. I wasn’t upset. I had always supported him being a cop, even though it had worried me. And with good reason, considering he had been shot in the line of duty. But thankfully he had survived. And then we had gone through that whole…other Ransom thing…I still had supported him returning to work.


“Okay.” I told him. He’d be safer. I wasn’t going to say no to that.

“Okay?” Ransom questioned, eyeing me.

I laughed a little “Yeah, okay. You know I support you and selfishly, you being safer…well I’m not going to complain about that.” I explained to him.

He nodded, smiling slightly. “I just feel like it’s time. I’m missing parts of our kids lives. Them growing up. It’s just..time.”


So Ransom quit the police force. I knew eventually he’d find some other job for himself, he’s a workaholic. Not having some job would drive him crazy. I looked forward to having him around more, not only for our kids, but for myself.


Ransom asked me to go ice skating with him. We hadn’t gone for a bit, so I said yes. We left Harmz and Eric at home with the kids. Roland said he’d help take care of the girls, so I didn’t feel bad about it.


Then Ransom took me out to dinner, I honestly couldn’t remember the last time it had been just the two of us out to dinner. I really couldn’t.


We came home to this sight, which was freaking cute. 037

That wasn’t freaking cute however…my Mommy senses tingled.

“Who was that???” I asked Roland. The girl had left and I wasn’t going to chase her down. That might get me arrested.

“A friend from school.” Roland replied, picking up his homework. He motioned it towards me and walked off to do it.



“You guys do know there’s a perfectly good gym in town, right?” I asked, while trying to read the paper. Trying, being the keyword. Kind of hard to focus with loud techno music blasting at you.

“It’s cold outside Mom.” Roland told me. I’m sure his thought was “Yeah, we know. But it’s cold and I don’t feel like going out.”

“It’s cold outside?!!” I gasped, in fake shock. That earned me three looks that told me not to interfere with their workout time. I shook my head and left the room.


I was going to hold Skye, but Harmz had her. And it’s not like I’m gonna shove Harmz out-of-the-way of her own baby so I can hold Skye.

So I went to hold my own baby, well toddler…


How did he get down there?! And changed?! Ugh. So I went to hold Dakota for a bit. He’s adorable too.


Then I went to try to hold Skye again….Roland had her. In our family, you have to wait your turn to hold babies. I’m not even joking.


See, an actual line. But at least we all know that our kids get plenty of love and care this way.


We went out to see the Christmas lights and guess who finally got to hold Skye? Me!

Then it was time for our annual Christmas gift giving party.


Though for some reason, Raven had no interest in the presents. She just wanted to play in the toy box. We gave up trying to get her to stay by the gifts after the fourth time. She was happy in the toy box. That was the main thing.


I think Ransom had too much eggnog, but hey. Tis the season I guess.


Small note – So I tried to have Eric denounce the Fae. Nothing happened. Tried again. Nothing. I even went into CAS to see if I could just turn him human. Nope. It wasn’t until I aged him up to an adult, which yes I had to do before his Birthday (he is actually supposed to be older than Bess, if it were not for his fairy-ness.) that his wings went away. Not sure if it’s just my game or what. But I wanted it to be part of the story that he wanted to give up the fae for Harmz, so I had to work with what I had.

3~25 2 Become 1

It was a whirlwind. Harmz was missing and then Eric vanished after saying he thought he knew what happened to Harmony. I was a mess and Ransom was considering calling in favors from his cop buddies to find the both of them. I knew Harmony had been upset with everything that had gone on, but I really didn’t think she’d leave without saying something. Things were just…fishy. I had a bad feeling.


And then they were back. Eric said hello and took off. And Harmony had to pry me off her. I was happy to have her back. And curious about what the heck happened.


We spoke privately in her room. It came flooding out of her once we were alone. How Jacoby had held her in a basement. The almost wedding. Eric finding her, I owed him a big hug for that one! Then she talked to me about how he had become distant on their way back and how she realized while she was being held hostage and facing a marriage to a loon, that she loves Eric. I resisted the urge to say I told you so, because it would have been bad to say at the time.


I left Harmz with Ransom, who was working on potty training Raven. I had a mission.


That I couldn’t believe I had to do.I invited him to Lotta Java to have “coffee” with me. And by that, I mean I invited him out to grill him.

“Like what the heck Eric?? ” I asked him after we sat down. He just looked at me.

“You’re the one who figured it all out! You figured out what happened to Harmony just from things she told you. And I saw you when she was gone. It was like someone had ripped off your wings. You love her, dude. So I ask again. What. The. Heck?” I asked him.


“I only figured it out because she mentioned those phone calls and feeling like someone was watching her. And when we got into her past. He was the one person I figured would be holding something against her. ” Eric explained. Sidestepping like a professional. Though that did answer some of my questions about the Harmony/Jacoby thing.

I stared at him. And crossed my arms under my chest. And stared some more.

“Just because I have feelings for her, doesn’t mean she has them for me. Plus she’s just been through a huge trauma, Bess. I don’t want to make things worse for her.” Eric told me.

I almost slammed my hands on the table and yelled “Confession! I knew it!” But held myself back. I coughed a little and uncrossed my arms.


“Eric.” I said, using a sweet tone. “Harmz may try to shank me for this…but. She loves you. Normally I wouldn’t tell you this but, I feel like I have to. Otherwise you two might dance around each other for years. You telling her how you feel will not make things worse. It’ll make her happy.”

Eric was silent for a few moments and then he smiled, before nodding his head. He got up and walked out. And I ordered myself an iced mocha with extra whip cream and chocolate shavings. I deserved a reward.


I came home to finding my daughter teaching herself how to walk. I was pretty proud of her.


But I decided it was time to teach her some words. Like Dude. Please. And Love.

I waited. And waited that night. But Eric never showed. I didn’t mention anything to Harmz, because well…she might of had an Aunt Gabby moment and throw a shoe at me for what I did.


But the next morning…I awoke to find Eric there, talking to Harmony.


She seemed hesitant at first. Or like she couldn’t believe her ears. I was too far away to hear exactly what was being said.


“I love you, Harmony. I have for a while. I was just afraid of you not feeling the same and stupidly of what people might think. But I love you.” Eric told my cuz. That I got to hear and it made me smile.


“I love you too, Eric. ” Harmony said, she sounded like she was about to cry.


And that was my cue to take my son into another room.


With that out-of-the-way, I got to focus on the cuteness that is my kids together. I loved that Roland liked spending time with Raven. I had to laugh when I remembered how set he had been on having a brother.


“We’re getting married!!” Harmz exclaimed, after stopping me on my way to the fridge. I was kind of stunned. I mean, I expected it some day. But they weren’t wasting any time.


Before I knew it, it was time for the wedding. Harmz and I threw it together really quickly. Plus it helped that it was being held at the house.


“Alright! Enough! Save it for the ceremony, you two!” I yelled at them. I walked outside and there they where. Snogging by the mailbox.


Raven got a toy in the mail from Bae and Arlene. She named him Dallas. Or in her words “Dawas”. I remember when I had Patrick. I had lost him somewhere..it was weird. He kind of just vanished. Like it was all in my head almost.


Bae and Arlene came in from Isla Paradiso for the wedding. Because her brother is marrying Bae’s cousin. We almost belong on Jerry Springer…still, it was nice to see them again! Even Killian had to be a part of the wedding.

And for the wedding, Harmz and Eric pulled out a surprise. They had Bear read the same Apache blessing that had been read at Aunt Gabby and Uncle Cloud Dancing’s wedding. I was a kid then, but I remembered it clearly. That happy day came back to me as I watched Harmony marry Eric.


“Now you will feel no rain,
for each of you will be shelter for the other.
Now you will feel no cold,
for each of you will be warmth to the other.
Now there will be no loneliness,
for each of you will be companion to the other.
Now you are two persons,
but there is only one life before you.
May beauty surround you both in the
journey ahead and through all the years,
May happiness be your companion and
your days together be good and long upon the earth.”


“Treat yourselves and each other with respect, and
remind yourselves often of what brought you together.
Give the highest priority to the tenderness,
gentleness and kindness that your connection deserves.
When frustration, difficulties and fear assail your relationship,
as they threaten all relationships at one time or another,
remember to focus on what is right between you,
not only the part which seems wrong.
In this way, you can ride out the storms when
clouds hide the face of the sun in your lives – remembering that
even if you lose sight of it for a moment, the sun is still there.
And if each of you takes responsibility for the quality of your
life together, it will be marked by abundance and delight.”


I was so happy for them. I just wished that the rest of our family could have been there, physically, for the ceremony. But I know they were in our hearts that day.


Harmony became Mrs. Eric Callahan. Though she chose to hyphenate her name as Fox-Callahan. She said it was to display to the world that she’s proud of being half Native American and also proud to be Eric’s wife.


Cake time!! Eric thanked everyone who came, considering how fast everything was put together.


We had quite the blended family, but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.


Then it was time for the first dance between the married couple. I almost cried watching it. I remembered when Harmony was born! She was basically more like a little sister more than a cousin.


I just about melted. Roland was dancing with his little sister! I had to step to the side to compose myself. That was one of the cutest freaking things I had ever seen!


Once I did, I got to dance with my husband. I thought about our own wedding. Things had changed so much since then. It was kind of crazy, but in a good way.

Eventually everyone went home, including Bae and Arlene. I wanted them to stay longer, but they said they had somewhere important to be. All secretive like…hmm…


I accidentally walked in on..well something.

“Harmony. I’ve given it a lot of thought. Days of thought. I’ve decided to denounce the fae. I will no longer be a fairy.” Eric announced to Harmony and anyone else that could hear it. Hey, you live in a house full of people. Privacy is hard to come by. I know from experience.


“What????” Harmony asked, in shock. “Why would you do that? You were born a fairy. I accept that about you and wouldn’t change it.”

Eric held up his hand and started to explain. “I know that and I love you for it. But Fairies. They live very long lives. I was born before Bess and she’s older than I am, physically. That means eventually, you’ll be older than me physically.” Eric paused “I don’t want to live for years after you Harmony. And if we have kids. I don’t want to face possibly out living them either.”

Dang. That was touching. I could even gloss over him basically calling me old.


Harmz grabbed Eric’s hands and pulled him close to her, smiling like an idiot. “I really am blessed to have you.”


Apache blessings came from here and they really were Gabby’s and Cloud Dancing’s vows, which can be seen in this chapter

3~24 Disturbia

Note from Queenie ~ This chapter is from Harmony’s POV.



I slowly wake up…things are fuzzy…wait….a….minute…


“JACOBY?!!!” I scream out loud. I thought I was screaming that in my head. He standing there. Staring down at me. He has changed since I seen him last. What is going on?!

“Harmony…” He calls to me. Is this a nightmare? Feels like a nightmare to me.

I slowly get off the bed. I feel woozy. I try to think. What is the last thing I remember? …oh yeah. I had said goodbye to Bae and Arlene, then headed to my art studio. Then things just kind of go black after that. I look at Jacoby. I don’t know what happened, but somehow I know he’s responsible for whatever is going on.


I manage to make it over to him, as I feel my blood starting boil. “YOU! What have you done to me?! What is this place?!” I raise my voice at him and then look down at my clothes. EW. I would never wear this. “What am I wearing?!” I ask him. Wait…did he undress me? I’m going to be sick…


“I’ve brought you were you belong, Harmony. You’re mine. I’ve known it from the moment we met in High School. ” Jacoby tells me. He’s freaking nuts. And then he just leaves me. Like he forgot to turn off his stove or something.


I poke around. There’s two doors. One is locked, the other leads to a bathroom. I go inside and find some clothes. Not my style, but I change into them.

“Guess you toyed with the wrong guy, sunshine.” I’m talking to myself in the mirror. Doesn’t everyone do that? I try to remember exactly where Jacoby came in back in my high school days. I think I asked him out or something and then never went out with him again? Yeah. I dated around in High School, more than my family knows. Jacoby just wasn’t the guy for me. But maybe I had hurt him and I hadn’t realized it…



I count to ten. Twice. I wash my hands 8 times. That helped a little…


And then I’m sad. So sad. My family had been through so much lately and now…did they think I ran away? They probably did with the way I had been acting. What if they just think I took off and no one looks for me?? I almost start crying, but won’t let myself. No. I won’t let Jacoby have that power. No.


I walk out of the bathroom and he has the stupidest look on his face. Or maybe it’s naturally that way? I have to think..maybe I can outwit the dimwit. Escape…



Days pass…I eat. I plot. I sleep.


I read books. I plot. And sleep. Beauty sleep is still important. I could hear my Mom’s voice saying that to me in my head. And then I remember of the story I heard years ago. My Grandma Lotta had been kidnapped too…and she made it home…I will to. I have to.


I start being nice to Jacoby, instead of telling him that his face looks like melted rubber on a hot summer day in the desert. I tried to sweet talk him into letting me go. Swearing that I won’tt tell anybody. That he won’t get in trouble.


“You always did have a great imagination. You’re going to love our honeymoon.” Jacoby says.

I’m distracted by the really stupid look on his face and then…



Excuse me?!!!

“WHAT?!” I shrieked, sounding like a bird who lost its worm.

“We’re getting married tomorrow, my truffle.” Jacoby explains. Sounding oddly sane.


Okay. Probably not the smartest thing I have ever done. But, I can’t help myself.


“I’m putting you in a time out. See you in the morning.” Jacoby growls at me. He’s ticked. And nuts. Have I mentioned he is a therapist’s dream err nightmare?

Then he leaves. And I’m alone in this room that had become my prison. Alone with my thoughts and the silence. I wonder how my family is doing. How Eric is doing. I had missed a session we set up. Because I had gotten the urge to steal things again. I didn’t tell anyone else, because I didn’t want to worry them. He probably doesn’t care though. I’m just another patient to him. Maybe he considers me a friend. Maybe…

I had ignored my feelings for Eric for a long time. It was a crush at first, one I thought I’d grow out of. But it didn’t go away. It grew. I ignored it. Thought it went away. Then it reared its head one day. Like a love monster. I wasn’t sure why I was thinking about all this… just that I wished that if I had to get married…but Jacoby isn’t going to transform into Eric. And if he did…well that would be kind of creepy.

I don’t know what I’m doing to do and morning comes before I want it to.


I put on the wedding dress. I could have fought with him over it, but after I slapped him, I wasn’t sure what he’d do. He still seemed kind of mad. I finally let myself cry. Body racking sobs of heartache and heartbreak.


But I soon pull myself together. I ready myself, as much as I can. It looks like I have to go through with the wedding. But I’m not going to give up on getting out of here.

The door opens and Jacoby lets me outside.Well into another room. I realize we’re in a basement of some sorts. I spot stair ladder out of the corner of my eye…


“Harmony. I’m sorry. I know this isn’t the fancy wedding you deserve. But I promise, when I become a famous actor I will throw you the grandest wedding in all of Starlight Shores.” Jacoby tells me. He sounds sincere. Sincerely loco.

If I didn’t think he was insane before then. That confirms it. I let him know I’m annoyed with my body language. Hmmm…there’s some vases in here. I could knock him out…


“Let’s get this over with.” I tell him. Walking to the altar and eyeing the vase in front of me. I’m getting ready to grab it when I hear Jacoby giggling. Like a school girl. It’s really disturbing.


I stare off into space, thinking what the heck? And then I see it…a little ball of…yellow??? I look around, to make sure I’m not on some prank camera show. I will cut you with my high heels, Ashton Kutcher…although that would be a better alternative…if its all a prank.


I blink. About 100 times. ERIC?! I gasp. I was speechless. Stunned. Happy.


“Say AHH.” Eric saays, as he waves his arms and magic dust comes out of his fingers and hands.

“AHHHHHHH!” Jacoby screams and starts shivering. I’m filled with hope. Eric had come. I hadn’t expected it, but he came. I’m going to be free!


Eric attacks Jacoby. He just straight out attacks him. I have never seen Eric be violent. Heck, I had never seen him get angry. But he looks really, really angry. I cheer him on. I can’t help myself. I’m just so relieved and happy.


Eric beats on Jacoby until Jacoby is unconscious then he comes over to me. He grabs me and hugs me close. I hug him back happily. I’m just so happy. I’m saved!


“Let’s get you home, Harmony.” Eric says, before leading me towards the stair ladder…

Personal Note

I still exist and haven’t forgotten about Awaken. But I’ve had a lot of things going on in my personal life since September of 2015. That’s when my Mom first went into the Hospital. I don’t really want to get in to everything, but in January, I was forced to place her in our Care Center here in town. And I do mean forced. I was threatened in to it by two people at our local Hospital. But I don’t want to think about that. Anyway, I’ve been with her everyday. And when I’m not there, I’m at work, Church or sleeping. I have also been going up to see my Dad the last two months, which has been really nice.

I really want to get back into sims 3 & Awaken. I miss it. It’s something I really enjoyed. I have screencaps sitting in my folder, waiting to be put into the story. So hopefully…I can’t guarantee I’m back for good. But I’m going to try.


Hope you are all doing well!