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3~32 In The End

Ransom’s story about his past made me think of my past. I was good with everything. I was happy. There was only one loose end I wanted to tie up.

Sebastian Vanderburg. My almost husband. I called him, after getting his phone number from PI Ransom knows. He was shocked to hear from me, but agreed to fly to Dragon Valley to meet with me.

I picked a day when I knew everyone would be gone. Raven to school. Roland to work. Bae and Arlene took Ransom out to lunch.

We sat down to talk. I asked him about his life. I had always wondered how things turned out for him. I had been thinking about the last time I saw him, at our almost wedding. I still felt kind of bad for how I handled things. I didn’t regret how things turned out in my life. I have Ransom. My kids. I’m happy. I just wanted to know if he ended up happy.

I listened to him for a bit, he filled me in on his business. How he lives on the family estate in Hidden Springs.

“Did you get married?” I asked him.

“Yes I did. Her name was Ella.” He said, before smiling sadly “We lost her a few years ago. It was just her time. We have a son though. Edward. And he’s going to get married soon.”

“I’m sorry you lost your wife, Sebastian. That’s great about Edward…maybe you’ll have some grand-babies in your future soon?” I suggested.

“I hope so.” Sebastian said, nodding. “You know, I was hurt by what happened between us. But after a while, I knew it wouldn’t have been right if we had gotten married. Ella was the one for me. Just like your husband is the one for you. It all worked out like it was supposed to. Don’t feel bad about it. I’ve had a happy life.”

That’s what I needed to know. We talked a little more before hugging each other goodbye. I felt I had finally gotten true closure on everything.


A few nights later, after a parent and teacher conference. I had an idea. While there I found out one of Raven’s teachers, Mr. Michaels, excels in Alchemy.

I invited him over to the house for dinner, telling him I wanted to talk to him about the subject. Once he got there I flat-out hired him to tutor Raven in Alchemy. I wasn’t sure why, but there was something about him. No, I was not wanting to jump his bones. Though he is attractive. Hey, I can look. No. That was not it. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Raven was excited about having a tutor in Alchemy. Once she found out, she started talking to Mr. Michaels about all that stuff right away. I guess there’s an actual career for it. Maybe that’s what she’d do after high school?


Fall came and you know what that means?!

Pumpkin carving time!! And Bae and Arlene even stuck around to join in on it. Though Bae was wearing the butt ugliest shirt…ew.

I loved having them around though. I hadn’t gotten to spend that much time with my little brother in a long time. He even invited Ransom and I to go with him and Arlene on a tour of Europe! We hadn’t really traveled in years, just for the fun of it. We agreed. Roland was old enough to keep an eye on Raven for us. We asked him first, of course. I was excited for the trip!

Maybe I was getting old and sentilmental, but I wanted to give Raven something special. I remembered the necklace my parents gave me before I went off to college. I rarely take it off. I talked to Ransom about the idea and we picked out something for her, together.

“Mom…it’s not my birthday, what’s this?” Raven asked, excitedly.

“Just a little something to say I love you. From your Dad and I.” I explained.

“Oh Mom I love it!!” Raven exclaimed, before hugging me. I then helped her put on the necklace. It had a pink stone it. Well, my necklace is green. Mom and Dad’s favorite color. Pink is mine. I wanted to do blue, since it’s Ransom’s favorite color and Raven’s, but he said we should go with pink. So she can remember her Mom when she looks at it. My husband is a sweet man.

Soon, it was time to leave for our trip.

I think Bae and Arlene planned to use it as a second honeymoon or something.

“Ahem, we’re trying to leave!” I shouted at them. Like two teenagers, I swear.

They untangled themselves long enough to hug Raven goodbye. Roland got a fist bump from not only his Uncle, but his Aunt.

I swear, no one peed on the floor. Annabelle loves to go swimming and leaves puddles all over the house.

Ransom hugged Raven goodbye and the two teenagers went back to groping each other, while I talked to Roland about what needs done while we’re gone.

The others headed upstairs, after Roland and Ransom hugged. Then it was my turn. I was going to miss my kids while I was on our trip. But I’d see them again.

While we had Bae and Arlene load up the car to the trip to the airport, Ransom asked me to sit down in the grass with him and watch the clouds. It made me feel like we were young and in love again. The last part is still true.

“Gosh I love you.” I told him with a smile.

“I love you too.” He told me, staring at me like he does. It makes me feel like I’m the only person in the world.

We leaned back and watched the clouds together. I thought about our life together. My life. I had no regrets. Things hadn’t always been easy, but everything was worth it. We ended up happy. And that’s all you can really ask for in life. To be happy. And to be with the people you love.


Note from Q – That is the end of Generation 3. I’ve really loved playing Bess and loved Ress. Hopefully I’ll be starting Generation 4 soon. I had a heck of a time picking out the right ghost for it. I had two different ones before I found the last one. Then they were stubborn about popping up. I almost gave up on them. LOL. Also Generation 4 & 5 will be on a different wordpress blog. I thought about going with blogger, but this might be a little bit easier. I’ll post the link on this one each time I post a new chapter. Thanks to those who have stuck with me during everything. There’s been a lot of changes to my life while playing Generation 3. So my posting has become really sporadic. Thanks again!

3~31 Behind Blue Eyes

Since it was our first summer in Dragon Valley,  we celebrated it by having a cook out/pool party.

Bae was in charge of the grilling, showing off those “Gonzalo men grilling skills”. Roland watched. Bae told him he had to. Family tradition.

Eventually Roland had enough grilling and focused on something well someone else. That was Mom’s cue to go elsewhere.

I decided to hang out with my own love by the pool.

“This is the last time I let Arlene do my hair. Why did you let me agree to that?” I asked Ransom

He snorted “Yeah, like I can stop you from doing anything.”

“You still look beautiful to me…even with this hairdo.” Ransom told me later on, after we all ate.

“Are you buttering me up for something?” I asked him.


We also celebrated Annabelle’s birthday that afternoon. She sure grew up fast. Raven plans to teach her how to hunt for ingredients for her potions…I didn’t even know dogs can do that, but I guess they can. And Roland is going to take her to the firehouse with him.

Speaking of Roland, I got to go see him in action.

During a drill anyway. They even had people volunteer for the drill. While I’m so proud of my son, it still scared me. One day it won’t be a drill. It’ll be real.

I went home and told Bae all about it, while also poking fun at him for how comfortable he’s become being shirtless when he used to freak out anytime anyone showed skin. He said he credited his acceptance of skin to puberty.


Halfway through Summer, Ransom asked the kids and I to go with him to the library. At night. Thought it was an odd request. So did the kids, but we did it.

The moment we got there, I knew things were serious. You could feel it in the air. We all sat down. I wondered what the heck was going on.

“She’s dead because of me.” Ransom told us, though he seemed to be talking to himself.

Eh que? I opened my mouth to ask what he was talking about and if he had been sniffing car fumes.

“Jeanie.” He finally said and shook himself. His first wife. We hadn’t talked about her in years. But the kids do know about her and Buster. And Xavier. And how he went to prison after Buster and Bessie died. No kids. He died in prison.

The kids looked lost. I had a feeling Ransom was going to tell us about how he died. I hadn’t even heard about it. All I knew is what I read in the articles I found about his and Jeanie’s drownings. It was big news back then. Two in one day.

Ransom started to speak again…

“Jeanie and I were really young when she got pregnant. But I loved Buster. I loved being a Dad. Even though I worked full-time, I tried to make time to spend with him. It was hard, but worth it. Jeanie loved Buster too. I can’t say she didn’t. But it was hard on her, being a young Mom. We had to get married young. We had a love for each other, sharing a son. But we didn’t really love each other. Which caused problems.

I remember that day…we took Buster to the beach, along with Bessie. They had been friends since they were toddlers. Always together. That never really changed.

Bessie and I had a fight about my job. That I was spending too much time at the station. I explained to her that I was trying to get promoted, to make more money for all of us. But she felt she was being left alone to raise Buster by herself. That she didn’t have time to go out and do anything for herself, since was always with him when he wasn’t in school. She blamed me for getting her pregnant and stormed off.

I sat down by myself and thought about things. I didn’t blame Jeanie for her frustration. But I was mad that she didn’t see what I was doing for all of us.

By the time I got up to go talk to her again, I looked up to see her swimming by a wave. I didn’t think much of it until it pulled her under.

I waited, thinking she’d come back up…she didn’t. It took my brain a few moments to realize what was really going on. I couldn’t believe it.

Then I ran into the water to go get her. I didn’t have to think twice about it. She was Buster’s Mom. My wife. And it was my duty to save lives.

I remember swimming in the water, heading to where I last saw Jeanie. The water was harder to swim against the further I went out. I had a feeling I should go back but I didn’t want to leave without Jeanie…I kept swimming and felt something pull me under. I fought it…I fought it hard. I could feel my lungs burning from trying to hold my breath until finally I gasped for air, except I got ocean water. That was the last thing I remembered from that day…

The next thing I knew, I was in the graveyard. Floating over the headstones of myself and Jeanie. It took me a bit to come to grips with the fact that I was dead.

I fell even more in love with my husband after hearing what happened. He risked it all, his life, to save her.

Raven looked like she couldn’t believe what she had just heard.

Roland broke the silence “Dad. You did everything you could. You lost your life trying to save her. There wasn’t anything else you could have done.”

“Roland’s right. For once. And it’s not like you made her go into the ocean. It was her choice. You tried to save her. That’s all you could do. No one else could have done any different.” Raven added on.

I sat there, looking proudly at my kids. Our kids. They were totally right.

Ransom sat there silently for a bit, before slowly smiling. “You all are right.”

“Of course we are!” Raven exclaimed, before standing up. She headed towards the exit with Roland.

“I love you, Ransom. Never forget that.” I whispered to him. Pulling him in for a hug.

“I love you too, Bess.” Ransom whispered back.

I was glad he told us. I had always wondered what happened, but didn’t want to ask, in case it was painful for him. But I think it put his heart to rest over what happened.

3~30 How Far We’ve Come

The more I thought about it, the more I knew it needed to be dealt with. In my heart and mind, my Ransom is Raven’s Dad. Always has been. Always will be. He feels the same way. But if a health problem should ever come up. We might need to know. And if I were Raven, I’d want to know for sure too.

We decided to try the hospital first. I had a feeling it wouldn’t give us any answers, but we had to start somewhere. I won’t even get into how Ransom had a sample of the other Ransom’s DNA…We also had to tell her why she had to go in for a test…

Ransom explained the what happened to Raven. She didn’t seemed shocked by there being two of one person. Or the house that was enchanted….

“So you were stuck in this room and Mom was off getting it on with him?” Raven asked. I couldn’t really read what she was feeling, though I was a bit touchy about how she put it.

“Your Mom thought he was me. Everyone did. You can ask anybody. He was the same as me…but different in some ways, in personality.” Ransom explained, before I could say anything.

“I was so happy that your Dad hadn’t been killed in the line of duty…I had no idea until later that something wasn’t right. It wasn’t until…well…I slept with him, that I know he wasn’t my Ransom.” I explained to her.

“So this whole time some evil dead guy that looks exactly like the guy who I think is my Dad, could be my Dad?? This family needs help. This family needs Maury.” Raven told us. Upset.

I couldn’t exactly blame her for that.

“Let’s get this crap over with.” She said after a moment.

I stood outside and watched Ransom and Raven go inside. Raven didn’t want me to go in with her. She was angry with me, I knew it.

And as I thought. The Hospital couldn’t tell us anything. All samples matched. There was one last thing I could think of.

But first I needed to talk to Raven.

I barely got into her room….

“How could you not know he wasn’t Dad?! You claim to love him and you just bang this other guy?!! And get pregnant!” Raven yelled at me. She was furious.

I was stunned a moment. She had never yelled at me like that. And I did get her being upset.

But I wasn’t going to put up with her speaking to me that.

“Raven Beverly Gonzalo.” I said in my Mom voice. “You do not speak to me in that tone of voice, young lady. Now, I get you’re upset. You have every right to be. I was upset too when I figured things out. It’s not like I planned all of it. I didn’t know Callisto was going to steal my husband and switch him out for a evil clone of him. I thought I lost your Dad twice pretty much.” I paused and let out a breath “Ransom. Our Ransom, is your Dad in all the ways that count. He has never treated you like you weren’t his kid. I thought we should find out, just in case you have any health problems someday. And this family tries to be honest with each other. Even when it hurts. Secrets and lies can tear relationships apart quicker than my Aunt Gabby used to drive to the mall for shoe sales.”

“Mom…I’m sorry.” Raven said softly “I just…can’t picture anyone else being my Dad, you know?”

I pulled Raven to me and hugged her “Sweetie, he is your Dad. No matter what. Blood does not make family. Love does. And he loves you and Roland more than life itself.”

I knew we had to find out, for everyone’s sake, the truth.

Lady Cooper, as she went by for her business, is who we needed to see. A witch and also a fortune teller. I figured she was our last option. I went to explain what we needed and she already knew. We didn’t tell people what was going on, so I took that as a good sign.

She went inside to prepare things, then we went inside. Sat down and she used her crystal ball to look at things. She seemed concerned about something. I asked what and she told us to watch out faulty wires. Whatever that means….

Then she told us what we wanted to know. And naturally paid her well for it.

We stepped outside and I hugged my husband. The love of my life. We needed to head home and tell Raven what we found out.

We saw a cute little moment on our way back to the house. I was glad at least Roland was really happy.

We found Raven and gave her the news. The good news! Our Ransom is Raven’s Dad. It was a relief, I’ll admit. It wouldn’t have mattered if things had gone the other way. But I’d be lying if the news didn’t make me happy.


We got a huge surprise at the beginning of Summer.

Bae and Arlene came to see us!! I felt like I hadn’t seen my baby brother in forever.

“I had to come here to see the new house. And I couldn’t miss you getting old and wrinkly.” Bae told me.

“Shut up!” I whispered to him, squeezing him tighter.

“You’re…hurting me.” Bae replied.

I was happy to see Arlene anyway. No, I was also happy to see Bae. I really was.

Roland got a work out buddy in his Uncle. And almost smashed my ceiling light multiple times with his forearm…

Speaking of arms. Arms like Anchors. Makes me laugh every time. Pssh.

I took Killian out for a ride early one morning. He hadn’t been for a good ride since Harmz took off with Eric and Skye around the globe. It hit me though. What Bae said. I was going to be old and wrinkly. Eww. My Birthday was fast approaching. I wasn’t sure I was ready to be old. I still felt like I could do a head stand on a keg like I did in college.

Later that day I shared my thoughts with Ransom. He reminded me that it’s a blessing to get old. Sure some of it may suck. Aches. Pains. But so many don’t get the chance. It made me feel better.

So when the time came, that Bae was carrying around my Birthday cake. And staring at it like he wanted to do bad things to it, I didn’t mind. Well the second part was kind of gross. But that’s my brother for you.

I had most of the people I love with me to celebrate. In that moment, I felt blessed and happy. I have had a good life. And the bad only made me love the good parts even more.

And I make a cute older lady.

“Still as beautiful as the first night I saw you in the graveyard.” Ransom told me, dipping me.

Bet not all wives hear that one from their husbands. And the look in his eyes, told me he meant it.


He joined me in being old and wrinkly not long after that anyway. And I still think he looks as handsome as ever. We’re adorable.

3~29 Cardboard Boxes

It was time. Time for something I wasn’t ready for.


My baby became an adult!…in the eyes of the law that is. He’ll always be my little boy.


And Harmz, Eric and Skye came to help us celebrate it! Buffy was there too. We tried out a new dance move called “Betchy stance”.


Hard to believe Roland became a young adult. The years have flown. He looks so much like his Dad. He really does.


Then it was time for his graduation, before I knew it. Heck, I remember graduating…I’m not that old..yet…

He graduated Class Valedictorian. Ransom and I were very proud of him for that.


Ransom and I gave him the keys to a new car. Harmz, Eric and Skye also stuck around to help celebrate the graduation. And something else…


Okay. My kids. They need to stop having Birthdays and stuff. It’s making their Mom sad. But they won’t stop it.


Raven is a beauty. I’m not being biased – okay maybe a little.  I had to get a hug from Harmz to stop myself from crying. My last baby became a teenager.

Later that day, Harmz and Eric talked to myself and Ransom about something…and somehow. They convinced us……………………………………………………………………….


We moved!


To Dragon Valley. It is a stunning place, filled with folklore and legends. Plus, the countryside and scenery alone was enough to sell me on it. I love places like Ireland and Scotland, Dragon Valley reminds me of them.

We were sad to leave Appy Plains. We had our kids there. Ransom and I got married there. There is a lot of history in that town. But. It was time.


They also have a top-notch fire department, which is what drew Roland in. Yes. Roland became a Firefighter. I wasn’t too happy about it. But he said he wanted to help people, just like his Dad. Though it did remind Ransom of something we need to do with the kids.


“I think it’s time we told Roland and Raven about the fact that we have a bunch of ghosts in our family.” Ransom told me one night. Good thing I’m used to that stuff. I might have spit my wine on him.

But he did have a point. They were old enough for the truth. And maybe knowing Grandma Lotta’s story would make being a firefighter mean even more to Roland.

We just had to find the time to do it.


After we moved to Dragon Valley, Raven became…well obsessed with alchemy. She did her homework for her new school, don’t get me wrong. But that’s where her free time went.


That and gardening, which I taught her all about. But even that was about alchemy. But I guess I couldn’t complain. She could be out doing worse.


But, we eventually found the time to sit them both down.

“There’s no correct way to really say this. So we’re going to present the facts. I used to be a ghost, until your Mom found a witch to bring me back to life.” Ransom started.

Roland looked at him like he had smoked crack. Raven raised her eyebrows in interest.

“Your Grandma Beverly and your Great-Grandma Lotta also used to be ghosts too and were brought back to life.” Ransom continued.


“Dad….have you been feeling well? Maybe you got too close to some fumes on that car you’ve been trying to rebuild..” Roland said.

Ransom sighed “I’m fine.”


“It’s true. I know it sounds nuts, but it’s true. Now, it’s not like we all planned this. Your Grandpa Gavin wasn’t like “Oh hey, I’ll fall in love with a ghost too and my daughter can only be with a ghost. ” No, that’s not how it was. It’s just…happened that way.” I explained.

“It is possible.” Raven stated, clearly thinking. “Roland, we do have a Eric in the family. He used to be a fairy. We know certain towns are full of werewolves, witches and vampires. So why not ghosts coming back to life?” Raven questioned.


“Look, I know it’s hard to believe. But we have proof.” Ransom told them.

I dragged out our stack of old newspaper clippings. Proof of what happened to Lotta Greaves, Beverly Parrott and Ransom Clavell.


The kids went off to Roland’s room to read them over and to talk to each other. While Ransom and I sat by the fire.

“That went better than I thought it would.” I admitted to Ransom. There was no yelling. Nothing got broken. No one was admitted to the mental hospital. Yep, it went good.


The next day was Love Day – Valentine’s Day. Ransom and I found a love detector at the festival grounds. We decided to try it out. We got “Passionate – Every second with the two of you is like a poem – every kiss a song.” Sweet.


Then we danced outside. I took the lead – Ransom don’t always get to be the dude. It was a lovely spring day for the festival.


Then he gave me a romantic massage to end the day.


Well, that didn’t end the day…if you know what I mean. Thankfully, hot tubs do not freak out Ransom. Since he can touch the bottom at all times, and doesn’t worry about going under.


The next day I could have used another massage. Raven asked me to teach her how to drive. I agreed, of course.


That was a stressful but fulfilling day with my daughter. But a precious memory. For both of us.

The next day it was on to something that Roland wanted…


And while there, I met an interesting lady. A fortune-teller and witch. She had what Roland wanted. But I kept her in the back of my mind. There was something I needed to find out. And I wasn’t sure if a Hospital would be able to tell me.


The thing that Roland wanted? A puppy! He wanted a firehouse dog. But not a Dalmatian. He said he didn’t want to be stereotype.


I’ll admit, little Annabelle is a cutie. And it’ll be nice to have an inside pet again.

Then we got a huge surprise!


Buffy showed up in our front yard one day. Roland was thrilled to see her, but didn’t seemed shocked like the rest of us. My guess is, they had this planned. Since he didn’t seem too upset when we left Appy Plains. She also is going to be a firefighter, so they’ll see each other a lot. I think my son might have found the one for him. But, it’s still early. Afterall. I thought Sebastian was it for me at one point in time.